Can exhaust fans cool a room?

Usage of exhaust fans in Sri Lanka is beneficial for maintaining the right temperature and good air quality especially being a tropical country it is a dire need for your house to have an improved and well circulated ventilation system. At Airflow we offer different types of Ventilation fans in Sri Lanka that can be supportive for any type of property (commercial or residential).

In general exhaust fans are used to pull the excess moisture and unnecessary odor out of a specific room or an area in a property. These are most commonly found in bathrooms and kitchens because these are two of the key places in a property where moisture and mold is likely to build up due to constant washing, cleaning and cooking. With the support of an exhaust fan in such areas it can reduce chemical fume build up, removal of other contaminants that can be harmful to human health as a result of breathing difficulties and uncomfort in the air.

Some of the known benefits of using an exhaust fan are;

In summary, Exhaust fans can’t necessarily cool down a room as an air conditioner but due to the increased air circulation it provides it avoids the contaminated air to be stuck in one area and ensures a proper air circulation making it easier for the occupants to breathe easy and to comfortably occupy the space.