How to choose the right exhaust fan for your kitchen

Choosing the right exhaust fan that suits your kitchen might be an equally tiring and confusing task. If you are seeking a Kitchen ventilation system in Sri Lanka you can count on us at Air Flow to help you pick the appropriate ventilation system.

Finding exhaust fans in Sri Lanka let alone the right one was a daunting fan in the recent past. However, with the new developments and construction projects coming up there have been a rise in the need for ventilation fans in the market. We have seen the increase in need for these systems and we have also come across many confused clients who had no clue about what they should and shouldn’t be doing when choosing the right exhaust fan.

A very basic tip from us at air flow to make it a tad bit easier for your decisions is that it is very important to look at the CFM ( cubic feet per minute ) of the fan. The expectation is that the CFM of the fan should be chosen looking at the expected maximum air resistance (static pressure). For example exhaust fans with a higher CFM need to be more energy efficient and as a result require more horsepower rating to provide you the most energy efficient operation. The flip side of using an underpowered motor will be that it will wear out pretty fast and you will be required to do constant maintenance.

Come speak to one our customer service teammates to gather more information on the right exhaust fan to be used in your kitchen that will ensure proper air circulation and odor removal making it a healthy, happy and comfortable environment for the occupants.