Is a ventilation fan required in a kitchen?

A kitchen is considered to be somewhat similar to the heart of a household and we believe it is because it is where most households hold a dear part of good memories combined with delicious food and good company. Oftentimes as humans we relate to strong memories with either a pleasant scent, a taste or even an incident and a kitchen is a combination of all these factors.

Today almost all modern households are built with a kitchen ventilation system in Sri Lanka. This is because it is also a place associated with humid air, greasy countertops, different odors due to the presence of food and hot stoves.

Improving the air quality inside a kitchen is also a regulation because there is a big involvement of fire and if the air flow is not properly circulated this can result in breathing difficulties and discomfort to the occupants of the residence.

At air flow we provide a range of Exhaust fans in Sri Lanka to match any household / commercial kitchen requirement and our products and solutions comply with the local guidelines. Here are some of the basic reasons why you should definitely invest in a ventilation fan in your kitchen.