Is it bad to leave the exhaust fan on for a long time?

Usage of exhaust fans in Sri Lanka has been quite prominent in the recent past. Be it a new building that is being constructed or during a remodeling of a kitchen or a bathroom today people ensure to install a ventilation system. It can be due to the regulatory requirements or the mere fact that living in a tropical country has its pros and cons.

At Air flow we are experienced in providing ventilation systems in Sri Lanka for both residential and commercial properties. A common mistake many ventilation installation companies do is that they forget to mention the Do’s and Don’ts when using a ventilation system and despite all the advantages one little mishap can cause health hazards such as fire. One of the biggest mishaps we see is that people tend to leave the exhaust fan running 24X7 even when the specific area is not occupied. One the other hand another very common mistake is that once the fan is fixed it remains untouched and oftentimes these fans are overheated as a result of dust / lint clogging. Three safety tips if you have a ventilation fan installed in your household are;

After , if you require any further assistance with our ventilation system, speak to us at Airflow and we will provide solutions to support your requirements.